This past weekend ZeroHero had the awesome opportunity to travel to Denver for the 42nd annual People’s fair, and partake in one of Colorado’s premier music and art festivals. Here, the ZeroHero crew got to witness the magic of spectacular culinary arts and the talents of local artists and musicians from all over the state. Our crew had a blast. As keepers of the recycling and compost, we sorted, educated and informed the lovely people of Denver about their opportunity to truly make a difference…and they surely did!

Stay tuned for an update of the total amount of waste diverted from the landfill. We will post it here when the numbers are in!

We would be nothing without our amazing volunteers who dedicated their time and effort to our mission. We were so lucky to have such a hard working group of young ladies. Shout out to the cheerleaders who volunteered with us this weekend, rock on Green Squad!

Here at ZeroHero not only do we do our best to contribute to greener events, but some of our employees really know how to utilize their ZeroHero superpowers. (Note: superpowers include the ability to transport ourselves anywhere with golfcarts, sorting compost in knee high juice AND catching waste with trash sorting claws at incredible speeds). One unique individual hero goes by the name of Kelsey. He went above and beyond to make sure that a man got his booth broken down because his wife was in labor AND he rushed a woman to her car to get her another oxygen tank. Whoa, talk about ZerosuperHero status! That’s the Zerohero way ladies and gentlemen. Savin lives (and recycling) one golf cart at a time. Well that’s all for now, stay tuned for updates on future adventures of the Zerohero crew.