Summer 2013 was slated to be another increasingly busy season for the Zerohero crew so when I saw that Phish would be touring throughout the West Coast, there was little doubt in my mind how I would be spending my free time between events in late July. Proper balance between attendance and working various events allows for necessary shifts in perspective and provides us the opportunity to view and participate in new waste management strategies for better or worse. I personally have found that some of my best solutions for dealing with waste management challenges stem from past festival experiences over the years as an attendee. Therefore after Wanderlust in Squaw Valley, California there was a two to three week break before we were needed in Montana to support the inaugural Cycle Greater Yellowstone bike tour, which seemed to line up almost miraculously with Phish’s start to their West Coast tour celebrating their 30th year as a band. It was originally slated to be myself and another Hero to make the trek out to Quincy, Washington to revisit the Gorge and see what waste management measures had changed since our last visit for Sasquatch! Music Festival, but plans of this caliber did not go unnoticed in our office.

Our crew soon grew to include two other Hero’s, who would go on to lend their respective volunteer talents to Wanderlust, before getting ready to support the greening initiatives behind Cycle Greater Yellowstone. Our illustrious leader even joined in on our road trip in order to spend time in the Portland area and observe some ground breaking sustainability measures at Pickathon before heading down the coast to lend a hand to the recycling program at Beloved Sacred Arts and Music Festival outside Corvallis, Oregon with myself. With anticipation at an all time high, the grand Zerohero road trip experiment was slated to begin with an on-road interception somewhere in Eastern Utah on the way towards Squaw Valley California before venturing on the nation’s loneliest road, US-50. With enough gear to support half of Wanderlust California, and the entirety of Beloved, the over packed civic, complete with bikes and support trailer on top, departed full of compost dreams and recycling desires.

Written by Seth Danner