Welcome to ZeroHero’s new website and the launch of our 2013 products and services. Its been a long time coming. Our team is thrilled to open our services to anyone with the desire for cleaner and greener schools, offices, business, backyards and events.

From our grassroots beginnings in 2006 to supporting some of the country’s largest music, entertainment and lifestyle festivals we’ve created a system where recycling at events and festivals actually work. Through these hundreds of experiments we continue to come back to the same conclusion. That its in creating hero’s, engaged, educated, and inspired attendees, that zero waste and sustainability programs succeed.

As ZeroHero enters its seventh year we’re recommitting to our advocacy for a cleaner planet. We look forward to a full season of helping events and festivals of all shapes and sizes recycle and compost to new levels. What’s new in 2013 is our training and consulting programs. Let us take the lessons learned from events and adapt them for folks that need low-waste programs everyday. This includes consulting for municipalities, school districts, campuses, businesses and smaller events producers.

Whether you run a large event or are charged with starting a green team in a elementary school, ZeroHero can help. As we’ve turn on the switch and created thousands of hero’s across the county, we look forward to serving you.

– The ZeroHero Team