Have you ever been to an event with three trash cans that simply say compost, trash, recycling but you notice that people were not using the cans correctly? It happens all the time. What happens next? Volunteers and Staff have to take hours to sort through all of these cans and put items in the correct stream. Why not stop the problem before it starts? That’s what we at ZeroHero did when we designed our sorting tents called the Hero. Check out our top 5 reasons why ZeroHero sorting tents are the BEST zero-waste systems for events.

#1 Educational: We don’t want to assume that everyone knows that beer cup is compostable. Our tents have visual representatives of what items belong where. Each portion of the tent has velcro tabs so we can take the event specific items (compostable beer cup) and place them on the tents so patrons can easily identify where particular items belong. Such a visual and intentional waste management program fosters stewardship within the festival culture.

#2 Cleanliness: Overflowing trash cans are a thing of the past! Trash, compost, and recyclables remain covered with the ZeroHero stations and there is never the unsightly appearance of overflowing trash cans. Stations offer an organized appearance by keeping trash out of view from attendees. If there happens to be an overflow of waste inside the station, materials are contained inside of the tent and kept out of sight.

#3 Capacity: Besides the 3 bins inside the Hero stations, each station can also contain and cover 270-300 gallons of total waste (6 bags). This allows you to empty and change bags during the event while stashing full bags out of sight in the Hero and then hauling them at a convenient time.

#4 Weather Proof: The stations prevent wind from blowing trash out of receptacles and around the venue. Also, the Hero keeps trash and recycling dry from rain or heavy snowfall and allow the use of inexpensive, cardboard interior bins.

#5 Low Contamination/Less Sorting: Contamination of recyclables and compost is minimal. The Hero’s do not have a 360 degree access forcing attendees to face signage and messaging on the tents before they discard waste. Our goal is to educate and empower patrons to lower waste themselves.

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