One thing I have noticed as an attendee at different events across the country is the difference between a trash crew and a zero-waste crew. Also, being an employee of ZeroHero (a zero-waste company), has made me much more aware of the goings on in the trash world at events. All events have to budget for trash (and most times recycling) hauling and a custodial crew for servicing said event. Unfortunately, most events that I have attended are investing in a trash crew. This basically means that they have a crew there to keep the grounds clean and haul the full containers to the dumpsters. So if trash and recycling hauling is an expense that events are already investing in with a custodial crew to get the job done; why not hire a custodial crew that is designed to eliminate waste and fill the recycling and compost dumpsters much higher than the landfill dumpster? Most event attendees are expecting that there are some waste diversion initiatives made these days. As an event attendee have you noticed an event that needs to step-up their waste diversion? Let them know about it!


It’s really as easy as shifting the budget and priorities from trash to zero-waste. ZeroHero helps events accomplish waste minimization goals by using our specially designed sorting stations and proven waste minimization techniques. Our waste/recycling/compost sorting tent has provided us a tool proven to be the best in the industry. It is functional, educational, and interactive. By engaging event attendee’s we are able to make them think prior to their disposal of their compostable or recyclable item. This year we were able to boost landfill diversion rates for Napa Bottle Rock from 39% in 2014 to 65% in 2015. That is the difference between hiring other companies (which were there in 2014) and hiring ZeroHero. We take care of the messy work and the event gets good publicity by advertising that they diverted so many tons from the landfill.


Our zero-waste stations are easily set-up in any location and can travel with ease. We offer full service for zero-waste management, zero-waste station rental with a ZeroHero representative to integrate the system into an existing custodial crew, or any other customized program that we can co-create with an event. We also sell our waste stations and can provide consulting for events to take on their own zero-waste efforts. If you’ve attended an event that needs to shift their priorities when it comes to waste please share this post with them or send them an personal email in hopes that they will invest in landfill waste diversion. 


USA Pro ChallengePrevious events that ZeroHero has had had the opportunity to work with include:

Napa Bottle Rock, New Belgium’s Tour de Fat, Jam Cruise, HOLY SHIP!, Wanderlust Yoga Festivals, Great American Beer Festival, Cycle Oregon, USA Pro Challenge, and KAABOO Music Festival just to name a few.


Written by ZeroHero, Kara Breitung