We are thrilled to announce the most successful zero-waste program in GABF history. A 20% increase from 2010 to 2011 to an astonishing 79% of material recycled or composted lit up the folks at the Brewers Association, ZeroHero and the Colorado Convention Center! This far exceeded our goal of 70%.

That amount of waste KEPT-OUT of the landfill depends on may factors. The size and scope of the event, vendor participation, attendee awareness of programs, awesome volunteers, recycling and compost haulers, commercial recycling and composting facilities contribute to the final number. However, nothing gets done unless we share to a unified vision to make positive change happen. The waste diversion percentage is the amount of material sent to our recycling and compost facilities. By tracking the GABF’s waste diversion of 50%, 59% and 79% over three consecutive years we see that effort and practice over-time yield results. EFFORT and TIME are an undeniable factors in successful zero-waste programs.

What we did differently in 2011:

Green Team picked up recyclables Tuesday morning through Thursday before the start of the GABF
Green Team picked up recyclables on Sunday, post-GABF
New recycling program for film plastics such as pallet wrap and ice bags
Increased our Green Team volunteers numbers (Thanks to all volunteers!)
The BA purchased all recyclable signage for the GABF
Improved product sourcing by the Colorado Convention Center and its partners

Waste Diversion for 2011 GABF

Trash, compactor #42, Waste Management: 4.18 tons on 10/3
Recycle, compactor #33, Waste Management: 3.57 tons on 9/30, and 4.93 tons on 10/3
Recycle, compactor #9, Waste Management: 6.55 tons on 10/3 (was 20% full when began dumping) = 5.24 tons
Plastic Film Recycle, Alpine Waste and Recycling: .61 tons on 10/4
Compost, Alpine Waste and Recycling: .9 tons plus on 10/4 and 302 lbs (CCC compost compactor on 10/3) = 1.05 tons
Total Material (including waste) = 19.58 tons
Total Material Diverted from the Landfill through Recycling and Composting = 15.4 tons

2011 GABF Diversion Rate = 78.7%