The Hero

Introducing the most educational and effective event recycling station on the market. The Hero is just what you need to bring your recycling program to the next level. Three holes labeled for recycling, compost and trash put waste in its place. The velcro tabs sewn above each hole can be used to display signs or actual examples of what goes in each bin. Large pockets on either side of the tent work great for storing flattened cardboard boxes. The tent will fit anywhere from small 30 gallon bins to large 64 gallon poly carts. There is also room behind the bins to stash full bags, keeping them out of sight while they are awaiting pick up. A zipper on the back of the tent allows for easy access to your bins. When its time to pack up, The Hero rolls up into a 2 ft. bag and weighs only 5 lbs. Built by Kelty, one of the leaders in outdoor camping gear, these tents are made to last and are backed by Kelty’s tent product warranty. Nothing sorts your recycling and compost like a Hero!

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