My name is Sucio Cero (‘dirty zero’ for those non-Spanish speakers)! I was found left on the filthy grounds of an electronic music festival in Upstate New York. I am something an avid festival attendee might refer to as a ‘ground score’. After being cleaned, fed and provided shelter I was given new life! Thanks to the dedicated ZeroHero staff I have found a new warm loving home in a company dedicated to zero-waste, leave no trace, and helping the environment.

Being the alien first child of ZeroHero is not always easy. I have traveled vigorously to beautiful places such as Rocky Mountain National Park, the Oregon coastline, Haiti, the Bahamas, and Lake Tahoe to name a few. Whether it is an extravagant outdoor music festival or a local sampling of wine and beer ZeroHero and I are there to minimize the carbon-footprint.  Recycling and composting is much harder than it seems.

As my inanimate colleague Kermit the Frog once said, “It’s not easy being green”, has never been a truer statement. Saving the environment and conserving resources can be a dirty job. But that is what ZeroHero does. Being Sucio Cero I am quick to dive into the compost stream to rescue it from contamination. Maintaining clean waste streams allows ZeroHero to perform the amazing ‘greening’ of events to which they are so adept. With our staple “Hero” waste recovery stations in place any event can do their part hosting a zero waste fiesta.

It is now up to future generations of zero wasters to do their part in taking care of planet Earth. So I challenge you to be mindful of everything you throw on the ground. Please put waste in its correct place, and pick up any refuse you see. Toss no mas! You never know when you might find a little treasure like me lying on the ground!


-Sucio Cero