So you’ve been tasked with implementing a sustainability program in your office, school, municipality or event. The team at ZeroHero offers consulting services that support and empower you in creating your own successful zero waste environments wherever you are in the process.

“Greening” any space is a big task with many components. Your desire to do something is the first step. The second step is to contact ZeroHero.

With years of experience reducing environmental impact, improving sustainability and creating recycling programs of all sizes, ZeroHero has created a simplified approach to zero waste management and they are ready to pass their systems and knowledge on to you. They will quickly and efficiently improve your image while developing or solidifying a thriving triple bottom line that includes environmental proficiency.

“You’re closer to a sustainable program than you may think.. You’re probably just missing a few key ingredients.”
      – ZeroHero Co-Owner, Lucas Erickson

Nothing is more exhilarating to the team at ZeroHero than sharing their expertise and engaging people in creating their own zero waste successes. By instilling a sense of responsibility and empowering others to take ownership and participate in their own zero waste programs, ZeroHero is helping us all become global citizens.

When we all take ownership for our corner of the world, everyone becomes a hero.

Let ZeroHero help you create a flourishing zero waste environment.

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