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SolarAs we enter into our second month of 2014 we look back to what a whirlwind of a great first month we had. We started our year off with Jam Cruise 12. Jam Cruise is a music event hosted by Cloud 9 Adventures that takes place on a cruise ship with music filling the halls and deck almost 24/7. What an amazing event! Those who haven’t tried it should go ahead and reserve your spot for next year! Our team was onboard Jam Cruise 12 striving to create a larger movement of “Conscious Cruisers” afloat. Every year we try to grow our positive impact as a greening crew and try to get more passengers to realize that we can still have a part in sustainability even on a cruise vacation. Our cruise ship this year, The MSC Divina, was actually a more sustainable ship compared to most other cruise ships with an advanced waste water treatment system, energy saving technologies, and reduced emissions. One of our most important endeavors on the boat this year was our new partnership for the solar stage. A local Fort Collins company, Pure Logic, joined the team to setup the solar arrays for the solar stage sponsored by Magic Hat on deck for Jam Cruise this year. The solar panels blended in so much on deck that most people didn’t even realize they were up there! They were able to generate about 30% of the power for the Solar Stage through these panels. We look forward to bulking up the amount of arrays in the future and harnessing even more solar power! Our greening crew was stationed in headquarters where we were asking people to join our pledge and sign up to be a Conscious Cruiser. In order to be a Conscious Cruiser each person was asked to: Know thy Ship, Selflessly Serve, Consciously Consume, Leave a Positive Legacy, and Leave No Trace. We thank all of those people onboard that took the time to learn about our program and spread the word to the other cruisers. Our pledge sheet was a surfboard and it is filled with signatures of people promising to be Conscious Cruisers on Jam Cruise this year. We also had pocket ashtrays made from reused bicycle tubes that we were passing out to hundreds of cruisers. This was our way to remind folks to keep their butts off the deck. This was a popular addition to greening this year and I’ve even caught people using them since. We not only tried to leave a positive impact among the people onboard but we also had a day of service hosted by Positive Legacy in Falmouth, Jamaica. It was an incredible day of joining Jam Cruise passengers and the people in the community in Jamaica. We gathered for a celebration and kickoff party for the restoration of the World Cup Stadium in which they are going to add a Reggae Music Museum, a recording studio, and a music education center for children. The colorful and creative artist Libo painted a beautiful mural to commemorate the occasion. The Moog studio hosted sound stations for the kids to explore. We had live music, good food, and big smiles all day long. Positive Legacy also hosted a successful donation drive for a girl’s/women’s shelter in Jamaica. We had a great time altogether and met some wonderful people along the way! Many thanks to Cloud 9 for making sure these programs stay in place onboard Jam Cruise!

Written by:
Kara Breitung