Last week the Zerohero crew took on the challenge of one of the country’s premier electronic music festivals…Sonic Bloom! The gathering consisted of some of the unique musical styles of Vibesquad, The Grouch and Elligh, The Polish Ambassador and many more. We slacklined, did some yoga, and jammed on some baby grand pianos. Needless to say the crew had a blast as we sorted, recycled, and kept the site lookin fine.


The 2013 Sonic Bloom Zeroheroes included Kelsey, Lucas, Alyssa, Andrew and myself. Much like the forces of captain planet, we collaborated to form the ultimate Green Team. Each of us took on our designated superhero duties. Kelsey had the power of LED lighting, as he completely swagged out our juice cart, as well as our home base tent. Alyssa was the energizer bunny, always there to amp us back up to balls to the wall Zerohero level. (This includes the skill of having some impressive dance moves while singing about compost). I myself was the keeper of the volunteers which included getting an enthusiastic group of young individuals stoked on recycling and waste sorting. Then there is Andrew. Not only was he able to sling juice at late hours of the evening, but he was playing Herbie Hancock in the baby grand graveyard…heck yeah! Talk about some impressive skills, we were lucky to have our very own piano man.

IMAG0349Last but not least we have bossman Lucas the leader of our team, there to guide us with his infinite wisdom on the ways of the trash -sorting universe. Every Justice League needs their Superman, and ours is Lucas.

The task at hand was a big one, but nothing we couldn’t handle. From day 1 you could tell that the campers at this festival particularly cared about cleaning up their campsites, which made our jobs incredibly more efficient. To insure that the festival goers would partake in the cleanup of the site, we had a raffle. Each time a person handed in a bag of recycling or trash they would receive a raffle ticket which entitled them to be entered in a drawing to win a VIP ticket for next year’s SONIC BLOOM. Congrats to our winners and thanks to everyone who participated, you guys ROCK!

One thing is for certain, the site would not have stayed looking as clean as it did without our amazing group of volunteers. You guys were truly willing to go above and beyond when it came to the Zerohero mission of leave no trace. Though it is our mission we were sad to take down some of this amazing art trash work….holy cow. Take a look for yourself!








In the face of some unfortunate events that took place on Sunday ,the Zerohero crew was able to stick together and get the job done (Even in the midst of a 70mph wind burst that roared through the valley). I am proud to say that I work with such a solid group of individuals, and I am stoked that the ZeroHero Sonic Bloom team of 2013 will be back together for Arise Festival. If there is one thing that Zerohero is teaching me, it’s that these guys can handle pretty much anything that is thrown in front of them. That’s all for now Zerohero fans, until next time.