The ZeroHero season is off to a busy start! BottleRock Napa was our first official event of the season. If you have never heard of BottleRock, let me say that this should be on your list of things you need to do. If you love wine, great food and a variety of music then this is the perfect festival for you! Not only is the music a huge draw for this festival but they have world renown chefs hosting culinary demos and the restaurants featured in the Culinary Garden are exquisite. Let’s not forget that you are also in the center of California’s wine country!

This was Napa’s third BottleRock and ZeroHero’s first year to service the venue of BottleRock. ZeroHero has had a presence in the first two years of BottleRock with our crew and sorting station tents placed around the vicinity of BottleRock. We were there as a buffer between the neighborhood and the event; keeping the surrounding neighborhoods clean and green. This year ZeroHero took on the entire project of providing the festival with our zero waste initiatives and expertise. This year’s event brought in about 100,000 participants over the three days, a big jump compared to the 80,000 participants in attendance last year. We worked around the clock to keep the grounds looking clean and all the while reducing landfill waste. We just received our diversion rates and we were able to divert 65% of the waste from the landfill by composting or recycling. This is a dramatic shift in the right direction as the diversion rate last year was 39%. Way to go Team!

As a small business with a staff of about 10 people, we hired people from California to come join our ZeroHero crew for the weekend. The crew consisted of the most amazing group of people from all walks of life! We all rallied together and really worked hard to make this a successful event. Thank you so much to our California friends that joined our crew! Thank you to the BottleRock producers for making zero waste a priority. Big thanks to all of the volunteers from the community of Napa that came out to help us in our mission! Together we did a great job! Cheers to all of us and we hope to see you all again next year!

BottleRock Culinary Garden