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Aluminum Cans are Infinitely Recyclable…


ZeroHero was asked to join forces with Oskar Blues CAN’D AID Foundation to present  “Grassroots Recycling Grants” across the nation. The grant funded by Ball Corp, Alcoa, and Novelis has had a successful start so far. We have had the opportunity to share “The Hero” (our recycling stations) with several organizations and towns across America. We have been so excited to share our recycling systems and business model with well deserving people that want to step-up their recycling plan in their town. The main objective that Alcoa, Ball Corp, and Novelis had with this grant is to keep aluminum out of the landfill. According to Novelis, “Currently, approximately 75% of all aluminum ever produced is still in use, a testament to its long life cycle and infinitely recyclable nature.”


So far the grant recipients are Lyons, CO; Canned Water for Kids; Sun King Brewery; Brevard, NC; and Eau Claire, WI. The town of Lyons, Colorado kicked off their recycling initiative at an Oskar Blues Beer Festival called Burning Can & The Lyons Outdoor Games in June. The town was able to divert an amazing amount of waste and keep aluminum in the recycling stream during this first event while also introducing the town to their new recycling stations. The recycling stations will be at most town hosted events and they are also available for individuals to rent for their own events in the town. Way to go Lyons, we can’t wait to see what you are able to do with your new recycling program! Eau Claire, Wisconsin kicked off their recycling initiative at their Summer Weekly Concert Series in the Park and during Taste of the Valley. We recently heard from Eau Claire and they have already started planning on expanding the amount of events that they are involved in next year! These are just two examples of towns that have been granted this wonderful opportunity to step-up their recycling program.


We love to hear success stories from our recipients and both ZeroHero and Oskar Blues look forward to sharing more recycling successes with you soon!


If you and/or a local organization is looking to improve your recycling program for events in your town, check out the grant and apply today!