It starts with one individual’s willingness to change.

When one person has the intention of creating a zero waste environment, a ZeroHero is born and a culture of change has begun.

By combining the actions of a passionate few and equipping them with the right knowledge, tools, and systems, a world of zero waste becomes achievable.

Riding the line between lighthearted hippie and techie-minded engineer types, the gang behind ZeroHero can spot a recyclable a mile away, vividly dream about potato starch flatware and are consumed by the achievement of zero waste status.

The leading national authority in zero waste management, ZeroHero is empowering people with the knowledge and systems needed to easily recycle, compost and divert waste from their events and environments. With years of solid experience, involvement in events of all sizes, and by working with a long list of clients, ZeroHero has created tried and true tools and systems that will support you wherever you are in the zero waste process.

ZeroHero understands the challenges of creating a zero waste environment and has crafted a scalable model that can be applied in any situation.

In a dynamic industry that is constantly changing, the genius minds of ZeroHero have created a simple, scientific and intuitive system that works.

Redefining the word “waste” and living out their carbon neutral dreams, Zero Hero is working to change the world for the better.

You can do this and ZeroHero is happy to help.

Contact ZeroHero today to speak with a friendly zero waste professional.